Collection: WATA

The roots

WATA is a family affair at the very core.

Terroir and sustainability
Ciders are as good as the apples they come from. The Wata orchard has been growing premium dessert apples since 1960 at an altitude of 1400m, in an ideal microclimate: bright autumn days, white winters, soft springs and warm summers, with 300 days of sunshine. These fruits are at the forefront of cider culture in Lebanon today. We adhere to sustainable farming practices in our orchards, to protect our environment and maintain the highest level of quality in our fruit. We are following an IPM program to ensure the lowest disruption to agri-ecosystems is maintained. Our micro-cidery’s semi-manual operation sits on a 20,000 square meter land with apple orchards.

Once nature has done its job, it is time for our most important role and that is to create a complex, well crafted beverage. To expand our knowledge in cider-making, seeing as it was never expertise known to Lebanon, we set off on a journey to the UK, to Gloucestershire more specifically, and put our apples to the test. In order to produce a cider that can pair up with the ciders of the world, we implemented advanced scientific practices that would help us track how our apples and processes evolved, to develop a better vintage every year. What started off as a nerdy adventure in 2017, yielded 7,000 bottles of cider. Today we produce 30,000 bottles of cider in every harvest.

The WATA Founders