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WATA Dry 330ml -Set of 3

WATA Dry 330ml -Set of 3

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Set of 3
Modern Cider / Dry.

Cidermaker Notes :
Bright, clear and blond in color. The aroma is that of fresh tropical fruits. The mouthfeel is clean, with elegant citrusy notes and fine tannins that provide a crisp finish.

Varietal :
Granny Smith, Starking Delicious

Aging & Refining :
In the fall, ripe apples are hand-picked and pressed. They undergo a 4-week cold fermentation followed by 6 months of aging in metalized liners. The cider is filtered and unrefined raw cane sugar is added.

Pairing Notes :
Best served chilled, this slightly effervescent cider is the perfect accompaniment to your salads, white meats and oysters. Enjoy within two years of vintage.

Alcohol : 5.5%   Total Acidity : 3.9 G/L   Sugar : 4 G   Bottle: 330 ML




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