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Mymoune Zaatar 1 Kg ( short dated )

Mymoune Zaatar 1 Kg ( short dated )

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Zaatar is a combination of wild thyme, sesame seeds, crushed sumac berries, and a bit of salt,  all natural ingredients and so flavourful. Mix with olive oil to make a dip with fresh bread or more typically spread on a flat bread or a pizza dough and put in the oven for a few minutes and you will get a Zaatar bread tasty and healthy whether for breakfast or afternoon tea, this Zaatar bread in Lebanon they call it 'Manoushi' very popular morning breakfast to have with a a cup of tea.

Best Before : 31 /10/2024

Ingredients : Wild Thyme, Sesame seeds, Sumac, Salt.

Nutritional information : Per 100g, Energy 260 kcal, Fat 10g of which saturated 2.4g, Carbohydrates 60g of which Sugar 0.4g, Salt 1.8g.

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